A large, shaven headed, human figher. His floppy travelling hat belies his martial prowess.


Letter to Roudasel

To – Master Roudasel, Order of the Lantern

From – Django Baroz, Order of the Lantern

Master Roudasel,

Hope all is well at home.

Our latest recruitment drive has proven most interesting. We have found another potential, the younger brother of one of our recruits.

Name: Karush Merkus

Father: Rupert Merkus

Elder brother: Benhameida Merkus

Nothing particularly special to be noted about the family – the father fought in the battle of the Fallen Seal alongside your merchant friend Saul Goldstein, and the elder son is undeniably large for his age (should be a decent brand as long as we can keep feeding him enough). Karush fits all the criteria. We might even need to add a few criteria to that list, having spent a bit of time with the lad.

The families of the Blue Wood are starting to realise the opportunity that the Order gives their sons. Whilst mothers’ tears are to be expected, the violence and chaos of previous raids has halted, and the New Approach appears to be working. Congratulations sir – I’ll admit I was not convinced to begin with, and I hope you can forgive my lack of faith, but modern ideas do not come easily to an old soldier from the steppes.

I’ve been asked to pass on the following from a mutual aqquaintence – The device you found has so far refused to give up its secrets, amid much confusion. The men tasked with exploring its merits have asked me to confirm with you that it was found in its dormant state and has not been seen to change at all? This could prove key to our success.

Please be at liberty to pass any message via your reply. I’ll see it gets to him.

Much love to Kat and the children.



Partially destroyed letter

_ Roudasel,

Trust this finds you well.

The lad grows. Our team cannot…

inevitable consequences. Your…

prove most valuable. Should…

presence here is potentially.



Yours… _

Order correspondence

Attn: Benhameida Merkus

Official warning.

Goading your training masters into wrestling bouts during class not only goes against the rules of our School but damages the training of other, weaker students. You won’t always be there to protect them, and whilst you may believe the “punishment” metered out to your classmates as unfair, the philosophy of our training regime is not for you to question.

Master Hammond will not be able to return to regular duty for several more weeks as a consequence of his altercation with you (although I am willing to acknowledge that you fought within the boundries of the lesson). Therefore it seems only fitting that your penance duties will be in place until his return.

Your conduct thus far has been exemplary and it would be a shame to curtail such a fine career before it has begun. This is not what your parents would want of you, and it does not befit a man of the Order.

That is all.



The Order of the Lantern benduxredux