Veneir Valtiere


Veneir was born the youngest of three sons of the Valtieri, a minor noble family of Tasir, allied to the powerful Sanpoleani. Veneir never knew his mother, who died soon after the birth of him and his twin sister, Casa. Veneir was never close to either his two much older half-brothers (Marcomo and Romili), or even to his father (Giovierre). Rarely, if ever seeing them, since they lived in the capital itself. Instead, Veneir and Casa were bought up on the family’s country estate, almost exclusively by the family’s nurse and tutors.

Veneir and Casa were poor students, preferring to spend their time hunting, fishing and playing practical jokes on their tutors and frequently skipping classes. Both of the children were, however popular amongst the house’s servants because of their natural charm.

When they were 14 the twins were brought to Tasir, to be introduced to society and to continue their educations. Both twins showed magical talent, but remained very poor students, the last of a series of tutors hired to teach them the ways of magic fled the house in shame they used his teachings to perform a particularly effective practical joke which resulted in him being tipped, naked into the Grand Canal in front of the collected women of the Tasirian nobility.

For several years the twins spent their time making mischief, eventually becoming well-known in the gambling houses and drinking dens of the city. Casa, who was blossoming into a remarkably beautiful young woman, was a potentially valuable pawn in the constant machinations of the noble houses of Tasir, however her unladylike behaviour and outspoken disposition meant that, at the age of 21 she was still shockingly unmarried and was becoming an embarrassment to the Valtieri.

There was only so long that this situation could continue, and finally she was offered as wife to Tregen Rechner, a man 30 years her senior, whom she had never met. Tregen was the second son and heir of the Rechner family, who were close allies of the Sanpoleani (Giovierre’s first wife and mother of Veneir’s older brothers was Tregen’s Sister).

Before the wedding could take place, however, Veneir was summoned to his father’s office. There Giovierre demanded that Veneir tell him who the father of Casa’s child was. Veneir, replied that he was totally unaware that his sister was even pregnant, and refused to even tell Giovierre who was the likely father (Veneir actually had no idea himself, but refused to even tell his father this much). Giovierre

flew into a rage, accusing Casa of undermining the shaming the family, calling her “a harlot no better than her slut of a mother.” Giovierre continued, revealing that Veneir and Casa were not his children, but were the result of their mother’s adultery. He also revealed that he had sent Casa away from the city.

Veneir plans to track down his sister, he is now estranged from the Valtiere family and will have to make his way without the help of them, their money or their allies. Even his friends in the nobility have abandoned him, fearing the social and political consequences of aiding him in his search. Veneir has joined the Order both to make use of their resources and to gather the necessary gold to fund his search.

Veneir Valtiere

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