New to the Order, a personal quest has led Vetenari to leave his people and become an adventurer


Str 16(+3), Dex 14(+2), Con 11, Int 12(+1), Wis 14(+2), Cha 11. Hit Points 14, AC 16, Speed 30ft, Chain Shirt Armour +4 AC Bonus, +4 Max Dex, -2 check penalty, spell failure 20%, weight 25lb, Touch Class 2, Flat-footed 12 Fortitude Save 3, Reflex 5, Will 2 Base Attack bonus 2, Grapple 5 Special abilities: Immune to sleep, low light vision, +1 to listen, search and spot, +2 on diplomacy and gather information Feats: Track, Wild Empathy, Point blank shot, Fav Enemy – Human, Two weapon fighting, Precise shot Speaks common and Elven Weapons: Silver Long Sword, +1 attack bonus, 1D8 damage, Critical 19-20/x2, -1 damage Dagger, 1D4 damage, critical 19-20/x2 Longbow, 1D8 damage, critical x3, range 100ft Kukuri, 1D4 damage, critical 18-20/x2 Skills: Climb +3, Concentration +1, Craft +1, Gather Info +2, Handle animal +3, Heal +5, Hide +2, Jump +4, Know Dung +5, Know Geo +3, Know Nature +3, Listen +5, Move silently +4, Profession +1, Ride +2, Search +5, Spot +5, Survival +5, Swim +3, Use rope +1, Decipher script +1 +2 Bluff, Gather Info, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot and Survival against humans


Vetinari, born of a human mother and an Elven father, knew neither of his parents. The story he has been able to piece together is that his mother, an exceptional beauty in her home land, strayed from her human husband and lay with a Siellenim Elf – a very rare occurance. Her husband, being none the wiser of her deceit believed the child to be his own, until the day of his birth. Clearly the child was of Elven stock which sent her husband into a rage, upon which he throttled his wife. The midwife, fearing the child would be next, absconded to the lands of Merondor where she believed the Mianthim would be sensitive to the childs needs. It was here the child Vetinari, or Leoendithas to his elven brethren, was raised and learnt his ways – his love of nature, his kinship with animals, his ability with magic and healing and his love of whittling. Though accepted by the Mianthim, Vetinari was always seen as somewhat of a loner, with a dark cloud partially hidden behind his eyes. Those close to him would say he is a serious, intelligent man with a bluff exterior covering a kind heart. The loss of his mother, and the abandonment by his father, weighed heavily on him and vengeance for his mothers death was never far from his mind. It was this vengeance that had driven him to the Order of the Lantern – to seek his mothers murderer – as his investigations into her past led him here. He would continue his search, patient, but ever vigilent.


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