The Order of the Lantern

Vetinari's Journel
A journey of vengeance

So it has begun. I have completed the tests and joined The Order of the Lantern. My journey has begun.p. I have been teamed with an interesting group – a quick thinking, but somewhat infuriating halfling called Schmuel and a strong fighter by the name of Benhaemeder. We have also already lost one member of our group, the spellcaster has disappeared with no rhyme or reason. We have been granted replacements – Sebastian, a cleric and V## a bard – so hopefully they can form a bond with the band that we forged when facing our initiation trials.p. Before meeting our new members, we had been out to celebrate joining the Order in the local pub, where, unfortunately, we met an experienced Order member Kavren. Kavren proceeded to drug Schmuel, Benhaemeder and I and leave us upon a pile of corpses in the swamp lands surrounding the city. Upon coming too, we were greeted by the ghost of Gishant, a former Order member whose incoherent ramblings we hardly had time to digest, something about Talisman, Silaqra and Kavren, before we set upon by creatures of the swamp lands.p. After a hectic battle and close call, we were rescued by Erson – a somewhat deranged local – who happened to be passing by at an opportune time for us. Spending an interesting night at Erson, the next day we ventured past a ruined chapel where we came across the remains of five adventurers (and I found a quiver and braces) before Erson dropped us at the city wharf.p. Upon arrival, we were summoned to see Raudisel, the Master of Wayfarers, who introduced us to the new members of our Band and a task to guard a caravan heading to ###. Having some days to fill, it was decided to try and discover more information about Gishant’s ramblings.p. It is almost time for me to rejoin the band, so I shall leave you here. Hopefully the next time I write, I have more information regarding the identity of the murderer of my mother.


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