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Nathemar is a continent on the world of Aarth and is the primary setting for the Order of the Lantern. The peoples of Nathemar are experiencing a period of expansion, known as The Age of Rebirth. The continent as a whole is just beginning to truly recover from the Cataclysm, a massive destructive event that wiped out The Ancients and plunged civilization into a dark age that has lasted for over a thousand years. The nature of the Ancients is a mystery as very little of their civilization has survived into the present day. What is known is that they were a highly advanced people for whom magic was as common as breath. The nature of the Cataclysm that brought them to an abrupt end is also a mystery, but whatever it was and whatever its cause it was terrible enough to leave its mark on the land in the form of a blasted desert that dominates the center of the continent. In its aftermath the people of Nathemar were scattered and civilization was reduced to a handful of tribes who survived only at a subsistence level. Slowly, over the centuries, they have clawed their way back to civilization.

A little over a century ago the city-state of Talisoria, fueled by the discovery of Caadite, a lightweight, nearly indestructable metal, began a war of conquest against its neighbors. Soon, the king of Talisoria crowned himself Emperor Berthranden I. The Talisorian Empire was born. The armies of the Empire began to march west across the continent conquering all who did refused to kneel until they entered the rocky territory of Khavares, a small city-state between the Badlands and the Inner Sea. The Khavar forces, through sheer force of will halted the Imperial forces but could not hold them for long. The city-states of the west, who had long squabbled among themselves, knew that they must unite against this threat or be conquered one by one and thus The Compact was signed and the armies of the newly-formed nation of The Free Cities marched east to meet the Imperial juggernaut. After 20 years of bloody struggle the Free Cities finally managed to force a truce. Now an uneasy peace exists between the east and west.

Meanwhile the union of the Free Cities has brought unprecedented peace and prosperity and each city is expanding its own territory, pacifying the savages who have long held dominion over the wilderness. It is a time of opportunity, where those with the courage to face the unknown can carve their own legend in this ancient land reborn.

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