Welcome, young Brand, to the Order of the Lantern. We are the lightbringers, the torchbearers, those who delve and those who discover. The Cataclysm brought low the Empire of the Ancients and we live among the moldering bones of their world. Now a new Empire, forged in blood and steel and bound with fear, rises to the east. To the north lie the Badlands, a blasted desert wasteland that hides the lost wealth of an age beneath its cracked and dusty earth. The Elves dwell in the northwest, slowly succumbing to Ennui, while the barbaric Dwarves to the southeast maintain a grim vigil over the mountains. The shadows are encroaching on the lights of the Free Cities. Their power is barely sufficient to hold their own territory and beyond those feeble lights there is only a dark, ancient and strange world. For those with the courage and the cunning, the empty warrens, ruined catacombs and crumbling cities hold ancient secrets, powerful magics and the promise of wealth and fame untold. But dark things stir as well, waiting hungrily amidst the bones of the old world.

The Order of the Lantern

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